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Low Hydrogen Electrodes

Our company is a well-renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Low Hydrogen Electrodes. The ALPHA 8018 W Low Hydrogen Electrodes are iron powder basic type electrode for all position welding. They show high resistibility to atmospheric corrosion. The Basic Coated Low Hydrogen Electrodes contain Cu, Ni and Cr, Crack resistibility and mechanical properties. Smooth and regular fusion of Low Hydrogen Electrodes gives uniform bead shape. Welds are of radiographic quality.

Alpha 7016 Coding :- IS 814 - 2004 : Eb5424h3x, Aws / A5.1 : E7016

Alpha 7016 is a basic coated low hydrogen electrode specially designed for welding of medium and high tensile structural steel joining and surfacing of high strength steels such as carbon steel up to 0.40% C. Manganese steel up to 2.0% Mn, silicon steel up to 0.5% SI and other heat treated steels where matching of base metal is not necessary, gives radiography welds excellent ductility and notch toughness down to minus 300oC are some of special characteristics of Alpha 7016.

Chemical Composition (%) Mechanical PropertiesUSEAC 70 OR DC +
TypicalTypicalSIZE (mm)Amps
Si0.48Elongation(GL = 4d)27.20%4.0140-180
S0.018CVN impact values at minus 30oC ( in joules) 64 4.0180-240

  • Welding of HT52W
  • High tensile grade steels
  • Cast steels
  • Earth moving machinery
  • Mild steel to cast iron

Alpha 7018 Coding :- IS 814 - 2004 : Eb5426h3 Jx, Aws / A5.1 E7018 Alpha 7018 is a Basic Coated Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Electrode. Suitable for Welding of Medium

ALPHA 7018 is a basic coated low hydrogen iron powder electrode. Suitable for welding of medium tensile strength steel. Specially recommended for heavy joins under restrain and joints subject to dynamic loading. Metal recovery is minimum 110% typical hydrogen content 3ml/1 00 gms of weld deposit.

Chemical Composition (%) Mechanical PropertiesUSEAC 70 OR DC +
TypicalTypicalSIZE (mm)Amps
Si0.47Elongation(GL = 4d)26.80%4.0140-180
S0.019CVN Impact values at _50oC (in Joules)784.0180-240

  • Pressure vessels
  • Penstocks' Boiler
  • Earth moving equipments
  • Pipe lines and heavy structure
  • Wagons blast furnace shells
  • Dynamic loaded structures

Alpha 701& (Spl) Coding :-IS 814 - 2004 Eb5626h3JX, Aws / A5.1 : E7018-1

ALPHA 7018 (SPL) is a heavy coated basic type low hydrogen electrode producing tough and ductile welds. Impact weld metal are of radiographic quality and display remarkable strength at sub zero temperature down to minus 46oC. Matel recovery is approximately 115% typical hydrogen content in the weld metal is 4ml/1 OOgms.

Chemical Composition (%) Mechanical PropertiesUSEAC 70 OR DC +
TypicalTypicalSIZE (mm)Amps
Si0.42Elongation(GL = 4d)26.20%4.0140-180
S0.020CVN Impact values at _50oC (in Joules)784.0180-240

  • Hard enable low alloy steels pen stocks
  • Pressure vessel 'Boilers
  • Heavy and rigid structure
  • Equipment subjected to high
  • Stress and dynamic loading
  • Equlpments required heavy Impact at minus 46oC.

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